What SANI-PUMP INC., Sanitary Process Pumps and Equipment Can Offer You: 

  • Over 50 Years of Experience with C-Series Pump Application, Sales, and Technical Knowledge
  • Fast, Reliable Responsive Service
  • A World Class Customer Service Network to address ALL of your Hygienic Process Equipment Needs. 


In the 1950’s, a variety of gasketed clamp style systems were introduced, with the Tri-Clamp® union and 304 stainless steel gaining dominance with the largest installed base in the general sanitary industry. Their acceptance grew rapidly, over the course of the decade. 

In the early 1960's came the introduction of the CIP, or clean in place technology in conjunction with the new union designs. CIP dramatically reduced downtime and the associated costs.  A group of engineers from a well-known industrial pump manufacturer in Wisconsin saw an opportunity to significantly advance the sanitary process industry. Their objective was to provide a sanitary process pump which is relatively simple and inexpensive in construction, which is strong and durable, and which is otherwise well adapted for the purpose described. 

Today, The C-Series Pump is still considered the “Flag Ship”, the “Grand Daddy”, the “Work Horse” of the sanitary process pump and equipment standards. It’s not uncommon to find a C-Series pump in service that has a serial number tracing back decades. It is far and away the most respected, the most requested and the most recognizable pump in the industry. Period. 

There are many newer, but more expensive, over engineered sanitary pumps on the market. Is there a need for them? Of course, there is especially in pharmaceutical and Bio-Pharm process industries. But for fluid transfer of Beverage. Dairy, Food and Brewery applications, there’s no need to spend money unnecessarily on a pump that will ultimately perform to your needs the same as our C-Series Pump. 

In fact, if we encounter an application that would render our C-Series Pump inferior to another hybrid model, we will not only decline an offer, we will point you in the right direction to someone who can serve your needs. 

The SANI-PUMP C-Series offers: 

  • Computer Generated Data showing our Pump Recommendation to your Custom Application   
  • Hydraulically Balanced Seal Minimizes Pressure at Sealing Surface resulting in Longer Life,  
  • Less Inventory in your Stockroom 
  • Open Impeller Delivers Smooth Pumping Performance 
  • Enlarged Inlets Available for Larger Suction Lines 
  • Standard CIP Capability 
  • A Seal Designed with Breweries in Mind (“DG” Seal) 
  • Pump and All Components are Interchangeable with Other C-Series Brands